Easy? Easy accomplishes nothing. When was the last time easy was celebrated? Sunday’s we gather round at the edge of our seats. We hold our collective breath as dedicated, strong and persistent athletes push the limits, defy what we think is possible and amaze us. We don’t celebrate mediocrity or “easy.” We celebrate the elite. Those that are so dedicated to an idea that they push limits. There is no easy in being the best.

Easy never won championships, got that big promotion or sustained a business. Easy didn’t build our great nation. We stand on the shoulders of giants. Men and women that stayed dedicated to a vision, persevered through adversity, and pushed ordinary people to do extraordinary acts of heroism.

Push the limits, never settle. Lead the hunt.

Wōden Origins

[wohd-n] before 900; Middle English, Old English Wōden (cognate with German Wotan, Old Norse Ōthinn), equivalent to wōd wood2+ -en noun suffix marking headship; Woden was the leader of the Wild Hunt